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Sterling Heights Auto, Home & Business Insurance

HandshakeFirst Independent - Descamps Insurance Agency is Your First Choice for auto, home, business, life and health insurance in Sterling Heights, Michigan and the surrounding areas. At First Independent - Descamps Insurance Agency, you will find that partner that can earn your trust to not only keep you in the best position from a cost standpoint, but to be a Trusted Advisor that helps educate you on the choices you make to protect your assets. We also offer "A" rated, Michigan based insurers to keep more money (and jobs) in our local economy.

The fourth largest city in Michigan, Sterling Heights is home to about 130,000 people. The city is located 16 miles north of Detroit, in the city's extensive ring of suburbs.

Here's what we offer in Sterling Heights:

Auto Insurance: The road can be a dangerous place. We'll help protect you financially with a policy that provides the coverage you need.
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Home Insurance Mother Nature, flames, burglars — all can ravage your castle and wreak havoc. The right policy can help lighten the financial burden from incidents like these.
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Business Insurance: Businesses face a unique set of risks every day. A solid business insurance policy can help keep them in good financial standing, should those risks become reality.
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Life Insurance: No one wants to think about the possibility of an untimely death, but it can happen. Life insurance policies can help your loved ones financially in the case of a sudden or unexpected death.
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Health Insurance: Healthcare can prolong your life, but it costs a pretty penny. The right health insurance policy can help keep that visit to the doctor from cleaning out your wallet.
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Sterling Heights, find out what we can do for you! Contact us today!
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